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The Spooky Night of Halloween

Halloween is here soon. You will see witches flying on their broom.

Pumpkins carved with a spooky face.

Frankenstein will leave without a trace.

Ghosts and spirits flying around.

Werewolves howling with all the hounds.

Fireworks shooting in the sky.

There will be a full moon up high.

Vampires hiding in the dark- on their pale face their will be tons of blood marks.

Animals hibernating during Halloween they will wake up to children’s blood curdling screams.

Children saying ‘Trick or Treat’ and wanting something good to eat

Ghouls and goblins walking among us thinking they are just trying to scare us.

Houses decorated on the streets. Little children’s hearts are rapidly starting to beat.

Ghosts and monsters will make you scream.

Hip Hip Hooray its Halloween.

By Maria and Isobel

Room 6


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