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Grandparents Day

On Friday, October 6th we invited very special guests to our school. The day brought together students from the 2nd and 3rd class with their beloved grandparents. The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia, storytelling, and delicious treats.

The event provided a unique opportunity for students to learn about their grandparents' school experiences. Grandparents shared stories about their own time in school, offering valuable insights into the past.

The day included a special storytelling session where the grandparents read stories to the children. This bridged the generation gap and created a strong bond between the young and the old.

Following the storytelling session, everyone gathered in the school hall to enjoy a delightful spread of tea and biscuits.

Grandparents Day was a wonderful experience for everyone. It not only celebrated the special bond between generations but also offered a valuable opportunity for students to connect with the past and appreciate the wisdom and stories their grandparents have to share. The day will be remembered as a heart-warming and educational event that brought the school community together.


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